Popular Cute Girl Names For 2014

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11 Responses

  1. Mary says:


  2. Kalayah Jones says:

    Thanks for the knowledge and the mention 🙂 I learned something new and fascinating about my name that I didn’t know existed.

  3. Kathy Summers says:

    Hey Kalayah! Thanks for passing by and leaving a comment. I’m happy to hear that you learned more about your cute name!

  4. Jessica Isabel says:

    Actually an interesting and decent list for once!! I have looked at a million baby name lists… And most of them are LAME!

  5. nanci says:

    My mom is having a baby girl and idk what name we can name her

  6. Sinthia Luna says:

    I think im having a girl and I really like the name maya but NO ONE else likes it. I don’t know anyother cute names. Help?

    • Starfire says:

      I think Maya is perfect or maybe Ashley or Kennedy or Lucy or Rachel or Tia , or Jessie , Mary Jayne or Eliza would be good or maybe nya or Skylar or nancy or cadence or trinity

  7. Amelia oxley says:

    My name is Amelia and that name is number 2 and I’m so thankfull

  8. RaeRae says:

    I want my here please

  9. nsanzamahoro j.m.v says:

    thank u for helping us to know the meaning of some names but if it is possible u may make some combinations

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