Top Names of 90’s Movies Female Characters

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A great source for choosing a name for your new born girl, is the top names of female characters from the Top Cinema Movies90’s decade gave us a lot of unique female characters who influenced most teenagers. In the following list you will find names from the best 90’s movie characters. There are hundreds of them, but we have collected the Top Names of 90’s Movies Female Characters!


Top Names of 90’s Movies Female Characters






1ArdeliaKasi LemmonsArdelia MappThe Silence of the Lambs1991
2BunnyTara ReidBunny LebowskiThe Big Lebowski1998
3CharleneAshley JuddCharlene ShiherlisHeat1995
4ClariceJodie FosterClarice StarlingThe Silence of the Lambs1991
5DelilahAnna LevineDelilah FitzgeraldUnforgiven1992
6EllieLaura DernDr. Ellie SattlerJurassic Park1993
7EmilieCaroline GoodallEmilie SchindlerSchindler’s List1993
8GarethEmma ThompsonGareth PeirceIn the Name of the Father1993
9GingerSharon StoneGinger McKennaCasino1995
10HannahLaura LinneyHannah GillThe Truman Show1998
11IsabelleSophie MarceauPrincess IsabelleBraveheart1995
12KarenLorraine BraccoKaren HillGoodfellas1990
13KathrynMadeleine StoweKathryn RaillyTwelve Monkeys1995
14KyraMischa BartonKyra CollinsThe Sixth Sense1999
15LynnKim BasingerLynn BrackenL.A. Confidential1997
16MathildaNatalie PortmanMathildaLéon: The Professional1994
17MelindaPatricia ClarksonMelinda MooresThe Green Mile1999
18MerylLaura LinneyMeryl BurbankThe Truman Show1998
19MiaUma ThurmanMia WallacePulp Fiction1994
20NancyMarita GeraghtyNancyGroundhog Day1993
21RitaAndie MacDowellRitaGroundhog Day1993
22SarahLinda HamiltonSarah ConnorTerminator 2: Judgment Day1991
23TracyGwyneth PaltrowTracy MillsSe7en1995
24TrinityCarrie-Anne MossTrinityThe Matrix1999
25ValentineIrène JacobValentineThree Colors: Red1994


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