Astrological baby names

Astrological Baby Names for Boys

Parents who are looking for unique boy names for a boy face quite a challenge. Astrological baby names maybe a nice way to find the best one. While there are many astrological baby names for girls such as Luna, Stella...


Pretty Girl Names With Deep Meanings

Parents are increasingly looking for beautiful and unique names for their children. Picking names that sound feminine and pretty can have a lasting impact on the little girl who carries that name. There are many pretty girl names to choose...


12 Unusual Boy Names You Should Not Miss

One of the most exciting moments in the life of a parent, whether first-time or many times over is when it comes time to go over possible names for the baby. No doubt, this is a process but for some...

summer baby girl names

Summer Baby Girl Names

Having fun and relaxing, all comes with summer. It is also a time when there are flowers such as Jasmine, Lily and Daisies and bright sunlight and people go for holidays and to the beach. If expecting a baby girl,...


Summer Baby Boy Names

The mention of summer brings into mind a period of relaxing, going for holidays and having fun. It is a time to go to the beach and sun bathe in the summer sun while taking it easy. If you are...


10 Unique Names For Unique Girls

There are quite a number of expectant mothers who desire to have a unique name for their unique girl. They might believe that it could give their child an overall better sense of individuality as well as a fresh start...

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